FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

✺ What does it mean to “mint”?

When you mint an NFT, you create a record of your work that will live for as long as the internet itself. Your words, songs, memories, photos, videos, code, 3D objects, memes—whatever shape your artistic vision manifests in—enter the public sphere in a way that was not possible before: immutable, irremovable, transparent and permanent.

To mint requires having access, infrastructure, and the resources to do so. For us, it is critical to make the ability to mint available to as many artists as possible, regardless of background.

✺ Where can we mint?

While you can mint on any platform, we are in favor of marketplaces that allow you to truly own your NFTs and sign your contracts using your wallet.

✺ Will there be any kind of accountability/analysis/record of how funds are being used–who they are going to, in what quantities, to mint what works, etc.

Yes. All of our records and statistics will be released quarterly outside of the milestones we will champion on social media.

✺ What is the Mint Fund’s mission?

We aim to foster a diverse community of creatives by offering resources—gas costs, the Mint Fund Discord, workshops, artist AMAs, partnership opportunities and to empower an international cohort of artists to mint and own their work.

✺ How can I apply to join the Mint Fund?

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of applications to join the Mint Fund. We are currently reviewing submissions and will notify accepted artists about next steps. Thank you to the community for your support of the Mint Fund and we hope to be able to open up rolling applications again soon.

In the meantime, join our Discord to learn and share knowledge with other artists looking to enter into the NFT space.

✺ How did the Mint Fund start?

For more context on how this all started, check this tweet.

Mint Fund

Last updated June 8, 2021