This is Mint Fund

A community-owned and funded initiative helping BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ crypto creators mint NFTs.

To mint is to add to humanity’s history. And so we Mint. Together.

Mint Fund is a community project created with the sole purpose to build a support network for artists interested in bringing their art into the world of crypto as NFTs.

We provide creators with the funds (known as gas costs) needed to mint their first NFT. The team also offers guidance, mentorship, and advice for our growing community of creators.

The fund is accessible to all creators, though we prioritize BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ creators, especially outside of North America and the European Union.

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of applications to join the Mint Fund. We are currently reviewing submissions and will notify accepted artists about next steps. Thank you to the community for your support of the Mint Fund and we hope to be able to open up rolling applications again soon

Contribute the Mint Fund

If you have the means to help creatives of all communities (with an emphasis on BIPOC + LGBTQIA+) to mint an NFT, please consider contributing to the Mint Fund DAO.

Core Team

SIRSU - The Well, Carlos - Forefront, Jess - Seed Club,
Michail - Zora, Samantha - Foundation


Mirror - Zora - GreenNFT - Sotheby's

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With a single mint,
we write to our memory —
our collective mind.

Mint Fund